Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taking a bite out of the big apple with the Terris fam!

We told Brynn we would buy her a ticket to New York if she kept her grades up this year in 9th grade. She has done amazing so we decided to surprise her with a ticket for her birthday. We were also able to talk my mom into joining us (didn't take much convincing:) My dad also joined us! He was working in DC the weekend before and was able to drive here to be with us pretty much the whole time! Unfortunately we were living in a hotel because the place we were supposed to move into was having some issues. It just felt like we were all on vacation in the BIG APPLE! Also, Brynn broke her foot 2 weeks before she was coming out...which NYC is not really made for people with disabilities. We were all pretty sad about it but it actually was not that bad. They rented a little scooter thing and she was faster than us. I now know where all the elevators are in the subway stations!
My mom bought us all tickets to see The Lion King for our birthday's and it was AMAZING!
Yummy Magnolia Bakery cupcakes
Yummy New York Coal Oven Pizza!
Thanks to Brynn's broken foot, we got lower level seats at the Yankee vs Red Sox game!
Our fun friends Jeff, Lauren, Amanda and Tommy at the game with us!
The highlight of Brynn's trip. Carlo's Bake Shop. She LOVES Cake Boss on TV. This was here only request. So we waited in this line for 2 hours to go in and get some sweets.
Brynn and Buddy
We almost bought the whole store:)
Brynn doing her seal laugh...and my dad going along with it...This picture says it all. Brynn and Dad being weird/annoying, mom finally starting to laugh at them and I am just mad:)
The city view from Jersey. NYC is very pretty when you are off the island:)
China Town! My mom and sister LOVED it! My mom is a very good bargain shopper and got a lot of stuff for not a lot of money!
It was so fun having them visit us. So glad to be able to experience all this fun with them in New York City!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! That picture of Brynn and your dad being goody made me laugh. I love you guys!

  2. What a great representation of our trip, some of those pictures I haven't seen. I especially love the one of Brynn & Dad laughing and what you said about it. Eric caught it perfect. Ha Ha! Such a great trip, I can't wait to come again, I miss you guys.