Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Birthday Celebration

It was so fun to have my birthday on a Sunday this year! I would much rather be spending my birthday with my wonderful husband and friend then at work! I started off my birthday on Saturday with yummy Doughnut Plant doughnuts, flowers and spending the day with my handsome husband. Oh how I love to just spend time with him! I then got fun birthday mail from my mom and grandma. Then on Sunday, we had a wonderful time at church and afterwords decided to have a little birthday party at our house with some of our friends. We had some yummy chili and cornbread. A fancy drink, chips, and an ice cream sandwich cake. We then played a fun childhood game that my dad made up.
March 3rd 2013-3.5 months to go
Let the party begin!
We fit 16 people in our one bedroom apt! Only 4 had to sit on the ground:)
Setting up the game. It is a relay race with sweets in the bags.
Bag #1: 30 pringles (Eric and Scott)
Scott still going to town
Bag #2: 5 Marsh mellow Peeps (Lauren and Lindsey)
Bag #3: Popsicle (Jeff and Alex)
Bag #5: 5 pieces of bubble gum then blow a bubble (Sarah and Estee)
Bag #5: 5 powdered doughnuts (Lincoln and Scot)
Bag #6: 10 Saltine crackers (Amanda and Lauren)
Bag #7: Popsicle (Shayly and Maribeth)
Bag # 8: Sprite (Jeremy and Tommy)
A very close game...
Winning team!!
Loosing team..
Enjoying some Ice Cream Sandwich cake
5.5 months pregnant doing the splits! Sore the next day! Needed all the help I could get getting back up!
Thanks to everyone who made my day so special! The big 2-4! Last birthday without any kids. Very crazy to think about!