Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Levesque

Baby Levesque June 2013!!
(Picture taken by the lovely Amanda Smith)
 We are having a baby!! all know but thought I would blog about it! We found out we were pregnant on October 22. We were in DC with my parents and I was not feeling very well. I couldn't really eat much because it was making me sick. A week earlier I had talked to my friend about different things that were changing in my body and she told me I was pregnant. I kind of laughed and didn't really believe her because I was having issues with my body. I had met with my doctor in July to figure out what was going on. He put me on some medication and things seemed to be getting better. We didn't think we would get pregnant this quick because it had been a while that my body was having issues. On our drive back to New York with my parents I told Eric what Brooke had said and that I was really not feeling well. We decided to take a pregnancy test when we got back to our apt. My parents were here with us in our one bedroom apt and it was late at night. I went and took the test and it came back positive. I could not believe that I was really pregnant. I was crying in my bathroom because I was so excited. I quickly said good night. Eric and I were so happy. We could not believe it! I didn't want to tell my parents because I had always imagined doing something big to tell them we were pregnant. They stayed with us for three more days and we kept it to ourselves.  When I went in and met with my doctor a few days later, he said that it was a miracle that I was pregnant. At this point I was 5 weeks pregnant. 
 Took another test to make sure I was really pregnant!
8 weeks
 11.5 weeks
We kept it a secret from my parents so that we could tell them in person when we were there for Christmas. I had my dear friend Amanda help me put together a BIG present with our ultra sound and blue and pink helium balloons inside. We got in at midnight on the 23rd of December and could not wait to tell them in the morning. So Amanda put the present outside of our house so could just grab it right when we got home. My mom was so confused when Eric brought it in. Eric said he found it on the side walk and it had a note that said, "A special delivery for the Terris family." We said it must be a neighbor gift. My mom was so confused and kept asking all these questions. She was saying, "No, let's not open it until Christmas" I was dying. Brynn said, "Mom, we never wait to open a neighbor gift." So we started opening the present. The balloons came out and they saw the ultra sound. They were so surprised and excited. We then stayed up for the next 2 hours giving them all the details. It was so hard keeping it from my family because I talk to them pretty much everyday, but it was so worth it to wait and tell them in person
We then told our extended family, Eric's family and all of our friends. It was so fun sharing this exciting news with all of our loved ones!
 20 weeks! We found out that we are having a baby GIRL! Almost everyone including myself, thought it was going to be a boy. So when the doctor said it was a girl I was shocked but so excited! It is such an amazing experience every time Eric and I get to see our baby and feel the baby moving around! Eric can finally feel her moving around which so amazing!