Monday, November 12, 2012

Empire State of Mind!

After having a wonderful weekend in Washington, D.C., we headed to NYC to show my parents our stomping grounds! My parents spent Monday and Tuesday touring around the city while Eric and I worked. Then Tuesday night we surprised my mom with a broadway show!! We went and saw Newsies and it was AMAZING!!
Eric and I took work off on Wednesday to go around town with my parents! We rented bikes for 2 hours in Central Park which is the best way to see the whole park!
Last surprise for my mom..We were able to get tickets to The Late Show with David Letterman! In order to get tickets you have to enter your contact info on their site about a month in advance. Then, it's the waiting game to see if they call you. When they call they ask you one question about the show and you only get the tickets if you answer it right! No pressure! So about a week before my parents came out here my dad got a call from the show... he naturally answered the question right and got tickets! But, he only could get two tickets!! So Eric and I were sooo bummed!! We hadn't gotten a call, which meant the day we were taking off work my parents would be going to Letterman without us! It just didn't seem right :) Luckily, a few days later Eric got a call while at work... he knows nothing about the Letterman Show! But he was prepared. He had his internet going on his phone and the call on speaker phone! When the lady asked the question he quickly entered it into the search engine and in a matter of seconds had the answer and got the tickets!! Proud of my fast thinking guy ;) Such a fun time!:)
On the big screen in Times Square
We had such a wonderful time being with my parents and showing them around!