Monday, August 27, 2012

A fun packed adventurous weekend!

We LOVE visitors. This past week we had 4 amazing visitors come and stay with us all the way from UTAH! The Sealy's and the Lund's. They arrived to our apt late Thursday night and we were so very excited to show them our apt and around the city we call home! Eric and I choose a cool city to live in and they book their tickets to visit! Check out where they visited us last year in previous posts.

I got off work at 3 on Friday and met up with them to go on the Staten Island Ferry
We then met up with Eric when he got off work and went to yummy Grimaldi's
Times Square
 China Town
Rocking his new China town sun glasses

My new Coach bag!! Had to be very sneaky to get this bag! Following a man with a bluetooth in his ear to a little store, went to the back where the wall opened up and we squeezed into this small room full of name brand cute bags! They were wanting $70 for the bag and we talked him down to $40 thanks to Chez! A very fun experience and I would recommend it to everyone:)
 Little India (Trevor went on his mission to India and was loving it here)
We went to the championship Dyckman street ball tournament! It was a very cool experience. We were literally the only white people in the stands. People were eyeballing us for sure! The players played so intense. Their foul would be one of our technicals.
Love him!
In our free Dyckman shirts
 Loving the Doughnuts from NYC Doughnut Plant
 The High Line
 Adam and Bree live in Boston and they met up with us in NYC for the day
 Eric had heard that there was free kayaking on the Hudson River, so we went down to check it out and had a blast kayaking with a view of the city
 Then some MORE PIZZA at John's Pizzeria
 Then a stroll through the park and Adam stopped to play chess with "Legendary Cornbread"
The bird man and bird woman....Kinda made me a little sick...They were all around them, on their bodies and just chillin on his head...The things you see in NYC:)
 Niki, Me, Jess, Bree
On the PACKED HOT (AC broken) subway to the game
NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox
4 Red Sox fans and 4 Yankees fans
 The whole gang
Eric and I
Niki LOVES frozen hot chocolate and has wanted to go to Serendipity since she was like 10! So on the way home from the game we stopped in and it was very Yummy!

It was a tight squeeze in our one bedroom apartment with 4 guests, but it was WELL worth it! We just love the Sealy's and the Lund's so much. We had so much fun hanging out with them and Eric LOVED being the tour guide with little bits of information for everything!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A bunch of MEN visitors!

My dad texted me a few weeks ago saying Call Me! So I called him and he told me he was coming to NYC to do the Iron Man Expo and asked if he could stay with us. I was so excited when I got this call because I didn't think he would be coming out until the end of October and now he was coming at the beginning of August! So he flew in late Tuesday night and flew out Friday after the Expo. 
I LOVE my mom! She made me homemade peanut butter chocolate bars. They were made that day! So very fresh. She gave us a lot of them and I ate every single one!! Eric only got a bit of one:) Everything tastes so much better when it's made by a mom. MY MOM!!
After work Eric and I went down to the expo to be with my dad at the KTTape stand.
My dad taping away
A local guy named Rawle from Long Island that came to meet/help out my dad
My dad kept saying he wanted us to take him to NYC local resturants that were hole in the walls! So we took him to a famous resturant called Grimaldi's. They have AMAZING pizza. Just look at the pic! So YUMMY!! I even said to our waiter, "He is not from NY, so will you make the best pizza for him?" Haha After I said it, it made me laugh because I was acting like I was from NY haha! I love my dad and even though we only got to spend three days for a few hours together, it was amazaing!

On Tuesday a USU group came to do some company visits and Standard and Poor's was one of them. Because Eric went to USU they asked him if he would like to be apart of the meeting and even give a little presentation. Eric loved preparing and talking with his fellow aggies. He remembers when he was in their shoes not too long ago working so hard to land a job and just tried to encourage them and help them out as much as possible. When the trip was done, there was two guys that wanted to stay longer so they stayed at our place until Monday.
Josh, Steven, Eric, Steve
 Amazing Ice Cream! I love ice cream and have never tasted anything like this! The ice cream tastes like your milk after you are done eating frosted flakes but is still cold and then it is dipped in frosted flakes! It is hard to describe it.. You just have to try it! It is very interesting and gets even better each time we try it!
More Pizza!! Kinda bad.. I eat WAY too much pizza:( I need to calm down on the PIZZA! But It's too good..I can't stop!!!
Sunday Stroll in Central Park!
The humidity has been very low the past two days and we have been loving it! It was such a beautiful night we decided to hang out on the fire escape right outside our window!

We just love having visitors! It is very exhausting because we don't get to bed till 12:30 or later and still have to wake up early to go to work but it is SO worth it! It is so fun showing people where we live and how we live here in the city! We are so excited for this weekend when we have 4 AMAZING people coming to stay with us!!  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend out of the city!

Eric went on his mission to Russia, speaks Russian fluently, and pretty much loves EVERYTHING Russian! About 30 minutes away from where we live in Brooklyn is a place called Brighton Beach, The Russian District. There is a beach with a boardwalk and volleyball nets but we would probably not swim there. It looks pretty dirty to us but we weren't there for the beach, we were there for the Russian culture. I have never been to Russia before but this little town is packed with Russians. All of the stores were in Russian and pretty much no one spoke English. It is so crazy/cool to me that you can be in the United States where we speak English and so many get by without knowing English. Let's just say Eric was so happy the whole time we were there, trying to talk to everyone and buy all the yummy food that reminded him of his mission.
Brighton Beach
 Russian Candy
 Pastry from a Russian man on the street and some AMAZING Russian candy
 Russian Ice Cream Cone in a bag
 A Russian singer that Eric saw advertisements for all the time in St. Petersburg
Russian stores
Eric's Russian juice he was searching for that he loved on his mission
It has been so hot in the city with the heat and humidity but the weekends have been rainy. So we finally had a REALLY hot weekend and decided to get out of the city and go relax at a beach on Long Island. We had an amazing time. It was so relaxing and beautiful. It helped us get rejuvenated and ready for our crazy two weeks of visitors!
Woke up early and took a train ride for 2 hours to Robert Moses Beach
 Caught up on some reading
 Finally made it!
 So beautiful!
 We walked for a ways to get away from all the people! We would be laying there and could not hear another person! It was amazing!
 We pretty much had the beach to ourselves!
 Our jump pictures we do on every vacation!
 When you think of NY you don't think of a beach..But we went:)
We did not want to leave. It was the perfect beach day! Now we can't wait for all of our visitors to come!