Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wonderful Times with Wonderful Friends!!

We have made some amazing friends in the past 2 years of our marriage and we are going to miss them ALL so very much! We have less than 2 weeks left in Logan and are living it up as much as we can! 
 Games with Jeff and Demi
 Bonfire with Dave and Mandie, Chez and Niki, Trevor and Jess!
 Our YUMMY tinfoil dinners!
 So happy Dave and Mandie came up to Logan to party 2 weeks after they got married:)
Chez and Niki
 Dave and Mandie
 Trevor and Jess

 YUMMY raspberry filled biscuits
True Aggies!
 Boys vs. Girls Wiffle ball game...Very close game but we let the boys win!
I just LOVE Demi!!

We seriously are so lucky to have wonderful friends! We are going to miss everyone so much! Hopefully they will be heading to NYC to visit!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Over Easter weekend my very good friend Mandie Maughan got married to an amazing guy named David Krause! There wedding was so much fun and very beautiful!
Look at her AMAZING dress!!! Aren't they a good lookin couple!
I had a wonderful time hanging out with Jordan Lee 24/7 and it was also fun to see my other friends Kryshelle and Amanda! We love you Dave and Mandie!! Congratulations:)
Easter Sunday with the WHOLE fam...minus Cadeo!
Could Taya Bug get any cuter?? On her Easter basket hunt and in her Easter dress!! Cute little Terris Family!
We also had a blast at the park playing games on a warm spring day!

Taya Loves her daddy!! Also, Eddie kicked all of our butts in every game we played!
I love going down to Lindon and spending time with my fun family and friends!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss Allie Howe!!

My BEAUTIFUL cousin Allie Howe did the Miss Pleasant Grove Pageant and was AMAZING!!! I was very honored when Allie asked me to be her host during the pageant. I got to do her hair and makeup before and during the pageant. I was back stage with her through all the stress of changing her outfits, hair, and makeup to get ready for the next thing! I had such a fun time spending the whole weekend with her and became even closer to her! She is such a wonderful, beautiful, outstanding young woman! She did amazing in the pageant and got 4th attendant!! I am so proud of her! Here are a few of the pictures I took during the pageant! ( I am way bummed I didn't get one of her in her amazing BRIGHT GREEN swim suit...but that was the craziest time back stage and totally spaced it:( Just imagine haha...AMAZING!)
To start off the show with the production number
Her interview outfit and onstage question
AMAZING dnacer
Her cute dance outfit
Her Beautiful evening gown! By far the best! With her little girl that escorted her on stage during evening gown.
The 2012 Pleasant Grove Royalty
Her cute boy came to support her and brought her flowers! SO CUTE:)
Such an amazing weekend with Allie Howe! Thanks for letting me be apart of this wonderful event!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know...I know...CRAZY!! Eric has been working for a while now to land a job in this economy where not many people are hiring. He went out at the beginning of January to New York on his own dime to meet with six different companies to try and network and get his name out because he noticed it just was not happening from Logan, Utah. He fell in LOVE with NY and some of the companies/people he met with. A lot of the companies were interested in him and telling him he would have a job there when a position opened up....We waited and waited and waited...but nothing. Eric was still working hard to find a job, so he interviewed with a company that is in Las Vegas. He made it to the second round, which meant they flew him down to Vegas for another interview. A few days later he received a call that he got the job in Vegas! We were so excited to finally have a job! But he didn't want to forget about NY where he had put so much effort into and wanted to go. A few days later a company named Standard and Poor's set up a time to interview him again over the phone. So at this point it is crunch time and we are working/trying to get a job at this company in NY before he had to tell the company in Vegas, Yes or No. During all of this, a company named Deloitte interviewed him at their Philadelphia office and flew him out there and paid for everything. This seemed pretty promising that he was going to get the job. A few days later he received an email telling him he didn't get the position. He was kind of bummed he didn't get it but kept his hopes up because we still hadn't heard back from Standard & Poor's. We kept telling ourselves that everything happens for a reason. And we weren't supposed to live in Philly. This whole time we were starting to think that he didn't get the job at S& P and we would be moving to Vegas which we were also excited about.
But, yesterday Eric received a call from S & P and was extended an offer!!! When Eric went to NY in January, S & P was his dream job! He loved the people he met with, the atmosphere, the location, and the balanced work/life! He has been trying to get this job for 4 months and he FINALLY got it!

Standard & Poor's (S&P) is a United States-based financial services company. It is a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds It is well known for its stock-market indices. The company is one of the Big Three credit-rating agencies. Its head office is located on 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Eric's position is Research Assistant in the Corporate Bond Ratings division. He will be starting in the middle of June! We are very excited and also very nervous! We have the job..but now we need to find a place to live, decide what things we are going to take and sell and how we are going to get it all there, get certified to teach in NY and find a job for me, and spend as much time as we can with friends and family before we move to the other side of the US! We are very excited for this next chapter in our life and our exciting adventures to come! I am very grateful for my wonderful husband and for what a hard worker he is! He is constantly thinking about our future family and me and wanting to provide for us! I love him very much and am excited that I get to experience this new adventure with him!

P.S...If you know of anyone in NY that could help us with housing, jobs (for me), and just living in NY that would be very helpful! Love you all!