Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cooking with the husband!!

I just love that Eric LOVES to cook!! He is such a great cook as well! We decided to have a cooking/lost date night on Saturday night! So we made our amazing Brooke Avacado Salsa, Homemade BBQ Pizza, and mint cookies!! Then we watched a few episodes of LOST!! So addicting...We are already on season 5 out of 6... I might go crazy when we finally have it all the way do! We even sometimes dream about LOST!!
Cute Eric cutting up the onion..I literally can't cut an onion...I cry so bad..and we have onion in like everything!
Our yummy food and...
Our yummy cookies!!
Then for Sunday dinner we usually do it with our friends Jeff and Demi so I decided to make the Costa Vida pulled pork salad with the yummy ranch!! It was so easy to make. It actually turned out great and we had a blast! Then we watched the Oscars (we usually watch Once Upon a Time but for some reason it didn't play??) So as you can see, we had a YUMMY weekend!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I just love Valentines Day!! I just love how there is one day set aside to really think about all the people in my life that I love and that I have my husband to spend this day of love with!
So we started out this LOVE month with Eric getting little surprises everyday starting on the 1st of the month! He never knew where they would be or if they were going to keep coming! Once he figured out that they were coming until the 14th he had a lot of fun trying to see where I hid them! He had a lot of fun and just loved the new little surprise everyday!
So I wake up on Valentines day and this is what I see!! I had NO idea!! Eric usually can't surprise me...he is not very good at it and I had NO idea:) He wrote things that he loved about me on the light pink sticky notes and qualities he loved about me on hot pink sticky notes! (He said that he got pink because I love pink!) Then he got me pink flowers and a little gift! He seriously was so thoughtful in these little things! That is my favorite..when it is cheap and thoughtful!! I have a wonderful husband:)
Eric would find his present and put the little heart notes on the fridge!
Day 14: 10 things I love about him in a jar, white strips, mouth wash and a blue water bottle for Eric!!
Got all ready for our date night!!
On our date at Elements (Thank you so much Erica for the gift card!! We love you!)
What a wonderful Valentines with my most favorite person in the world!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jazz Game!!

Eric and I have been wanting to go to a Jazz game for a while now and we finally decided to go! We went to the Jazz vs. Blazer game and it was very exciting! Eric is on business council and apart of the global affairs so he thought it would be fun to take some of his friends from the Dominican Republic !

We had to get a hot dog!! Yummy:)
We were in the nose bleeds..but then Eric worked his magic and got us all on the 15th row!!

Very close game! Jazz won by 4
Then we took our friends to temple square! They loved it so much and had lots of questions! What a wonderful way to start our week!