Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We are ALIVE!!!

So these last few months have been pretty crazy and I have not been able to blog...but I have a some free time now to blog all I want!! I am really excited to start blogging again and reading all of your fun blogs! There has been a lot of fun exciting things happening in the Levesque home. In August Eric and I started school. I was doing my student teaching and Eric was in his Huntsman Scholar semester. I was very busy with my 3rd graders and 5th graders in Logan and Eric was very busy with his scholar semester then got to go to Europe for 1 month with his classmates to meet with some cool companies and have a good time! We then had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of the wonderful Whipple side with lots of food, games, and laughing. I then FINALLY GRADUATED from college!!! I am a college graduate! I never thought I would finally be here! I am the first to graduate in my family..except my dad of course and it feels great! I would HIGHLY recommend it to every women out there:) To celebrate we decided to take a trip to Hawaii! We went with Eric's parents and his oldest brother Johns family. We had such a wonderful time and it was nice to relax in the sun after an intense semester for us both. We then had a wonderful Christmas in Boise, got to skype with cute Cadeo on his mission, and spend time with all the Levesques! We then went down to Lindon to celebrate Christmas with my family (we really know how to milk a holiday!). We spent a couple weeks there playing games with family and friends! We are now finally back in Logan and it feels nice to be home. Eric is finishing up his last semester and will graduate in May and I am substituting and had my first job as the librarian and my second job as a 1st grade teacher!!
Huntsman Scholar banquet with our great friends Trevor and Jess
My cute 3rd grade class on a field trip
Maui, Hawaii

Christmas Day
Christmas with the Levesques
Bowling with the Terris fam
Cadeo Potato
My girlfriends on New Years Eve

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season! Happy 2012:)