Monday, November 12, 2012

Empire State of Mind!

After having a wonderful weekend in Washington, D.C., we headed to NYC to show my parents our stomping grounds! My parents spent Monday and Tuesday touring around the city while Eric and I worked. Then Tuesday night we surprised my mom with a broadway show!! We went and saw Newsies and it was AMAZING!!
Eric and I took work off on Wednesday to go around town with my parents! We rented bikes for 2 hours in Central Park which is the best way to see the whole park!
Last surprise for my mom..We were able to get tickets to The Late Show with David Letterman! In order to get tickets you have to enter your contact info on their site about a month in advance. Then, it's the waiting game to see if they call you. When they call they ask you one question about the show and you only get the tickets if you answer it right! No pressure! So about a week before my parents came out here my dad got a call from the show... he naturally answered the question right and got tickets! But, he only could get two tickets!! So Eric and I were sooo bummed!! We hadn't gotten a call, which meant the day we were taking off work my parents would be going to Letterman without us! It just didn't seem right :) Luckily, a few days later Eric got a call while at work... he knows nothing about the Letterman Show! But he was prepared. He had his internet going on his phone and the call on speaker phone! When the lady asked the question he quickly entered it into the search engine and in a matter of seconds had the answer and got the tickets!! Proud of my fast thinking guy ;) Such a fun time!:)
On the big screen in Times Square
We had such a wonderful time being with my parents and showing them around!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Washington DC Adventure

It has been my moms dream to go to Washington, D.C. to see all of the sites and to just be there. My dads was coming to D.C. for work and my mom got to join. We wanted to make this a trip she would never forget...and I think we did it!! 

Here are pictures from the White House Fall Garden Tour. Malissa works for the Office of Management and Budget (Executive Branch) and got us right to the front of the looooonng line!!
Here is Michelle Obama's vegetable and herb garden to fight childhood obesity :)
Arlington National Cemetery 
Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Ok, so we saved our biggest surprise for our last night in DC! We told my mom that before we take off to NYC we wanted to dress up and take a few pics in front of the White House, because my dad couldn't make it to the garden tour. Little did she know... we were being met by Greg and Malissa for a White House tour... WEST WING STYLE!!! Malissa really made the trip so great and unforgettable. Needless to say my mom was speechless and it was the perfect way to end our time in DC.
 We are touching the White House door..going in!
 This picture is the best! This is how my mom was the whole time! Just LOVING life!!
 Tweeners!! haha

Although we couldn't take pictures inside the West Wing (Oval Office was amazing) we were able to take pictures in the White House press briefing room. That was a lot of fun, pretending to be the press and asking questions :)

Such an amazing time that we will never forget! Thank you Mal for being so cool and having the hookups! Thank you Mom for being so excited about ALL the surprises we did for you! Thank you Dad for helping me make these surprises happen! Thank you Eric for being the BEST! And thank you Greg for marrying an amazing wife!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

*Apple Picking in Connecticut*

Eric has been telling me about how he would go apple picking every year growing up and wanted to take me so bad. I received a text from Lauren to go and we said YES! Lauren Gardener's family lives in Connecticut which is only about 45 minutes away so we decided to make a day out of it. We woke up early and headed to the train station. We had a fun train ride chit chatting and made it to Lauren's BEAUTIFUL home. We then went to an apple orchard, took tons of pictures of pumpkins and apples, took a tractor ride up to the apples, and we had fun eating and picking a lot of apples. We then went back to the house and had a yummy BBQ, roasted s'mores, went hot tubing, and decided to just spend the night! 
 Lauren, Jeff, Lauren
 Lincoln, Eric, Shayly
 Lauren's Beautiful home
 Our strong men up on the loft!
 Lauren and Lincoln Gardner
 Jeff and Lauren Schwartz
 Eric and I
 What a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends!! We are loving the cool fall weather and all the fun activities with our good friends!