Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabric Flowers!!

How it all started..I was trying to find a little hobby that I could do with my spare time this summer..I love doing crafts, I just have a hard time coming up with something on my own. I called up my sister-in-law who is VERY crafty and asked her to teach me so she did along with one of her friends!! The next day I went to the craft/fabric store and went a little crazy!

The next weekend I went home and had a craft night with my mom, Brynn, and Erica! It was so fun to teach them how to make these cute flowers.!
Then I went to town...

Regular fabric/toile/satin fabric flowers

Regular fabric flowers

Fabric flower headband

Satin flowers with toile + 4th of July flowers!

Colorful satin flowers

Toile flowers and flower shaped satin flower

All of them I have made thus far!! This has been really fun for me to do in my spare time! I only have two nieces and one sister....I need more people to make these for haha.
If you want me to make some for you for yourself or for cute little girls just let me know! I can make any color and style that you want! Just let me know:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The people I love the most!!

I am so proud of my brother Cade!! He graduated from High School and is so excited for the next chapter in his life! I love my little brother so much! I also got to babysit my little baby Taya for the day and she is just so stinkin cute!! I love her so much:)

Just look at that cute face!! You can tell she is Eddies baby haha:)

This weekend my dad and brother went to zions camp for young mens so my mom and sister decided to come up to Logan to hang out with Eric and I!! We went hiking in Logan canyon to the Wind Caves

Had amazing weather, an amazing view of Logan Canyon, and had a lot of fun!

We then went and got a yummy treat, hung out, made tinfoil dinners and went up the canyon with our friends to have dinner, treats, and enjoy great company. I love my family and friends so much!! What a great weekend! So happy to have such great people in our lives!!