Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

First Easter away from my parents place and I was going to make it a good one!! We don't have any kids and the fun Easter things is funner when there is kids involved, so we had our nephew come over and color eggs...
Conner and Shay

Had him go on a Easter egg hunt..
"Look..I found the GOLDEN egg"
Then I had Eric go on a Easter egg hunt with clues in each one to find his basket..
Looks like a little kid Easter basket...But they are toys for the park, beach, and just to have a fun summer!!
And the cute baby Taya in her Easter clothes with her grandpa that loves her so much!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Bunny S'Mores

Cindy and I decided to make a little Easter something to give to everyone in their office. We made Easter Bunny S'mores in a jar.
So fun and colorful!
Our first couple jars really struggled but by the time we got to jar number 9 we were AMAZING!
When it is time to back it is really interesting. That picture to a little kid looks like heaven..SUGAR!! haha you just dump it all into a bowl, add melted butter and vanilla, cut up the bunnies and mix all together. Then you bake and have a fun little colorful easter treat. It actually turned out really good and would be so good right out of the oven with some vanilla ice cream! Yum Yum!! Happy Easter!
**If you want to make this cute little easter gift click on the link below. Could be a cute neighbor gift or for visiting teaching or just for fun!! Enjoy**

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spending time with our cute nieces and nephew!!

Eric and I are so lucky and have had time to hang out with our cute nieces and nephew! They are so cute and I just wanted to show them off...
The newest member of the family. Madeleine Levesque (John(Eric's Oldest Bro) & Angies) Born on April 9th. Also Eric is getting good at holding babies:) and my cute little bow I got her!
So precious!!
Our nephew Conner Levesque (Todd(Eric's older bro) & Kellie's). Almost 3.
A fun little boy that we love to play with!!
Taya Terris (Eddie & Nannettes) 6 months old. So dang cute!!
It is so fun having babies back in the family. It has been 12 years since we have had a baby in the family and it is so fun to be an aunt and uncle!!
We are also just spending alot of time with our family and friends and looking for a place to live in Logan!! We are so grateful for our wonderful families and friends!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Day Backpacking Trip!!

What an amazing way to end our 3 months in Europe. We traveled to Berlin, Athens, The Vatican City, Rome, and Pisa!! We were gone for 10 days living out of a backpack and sleeping on peoples couches. We had a wonderful time and saw some amazing places!!
First stop: Germany for 3 days
Eric has a good friend named Eric that is from Germany that he met on his mission. They picked us up at the airport and took us around Berlin to see all the sights and then we went Leipzig where Phillip lived (Eric's cousin) then we spent the rest of the time at Eric's house in Wolfhagen and just relaxed and had a good time with Eric and his family!
Phillip, Eric (Eric's Mission Comp in Russia) and Eric!GermanyThe Berlin Wall
2nd Stop: Athens, Greece for 3 days
Every place that we saw in Europe was AMAZING!! But we think that Athens was our favorite. We just loved the feeling there, the way the buildings were built and the history there. We stayed at a couchsurfers name Harry and he was great and showed us all around. We went on hikes and all over town.
Greek houses!
GreeceThe Acropolis
3rd Stop: The Vatican City for 1 day
We went on a tour of the Sistine Chapel, went into St. Peters Basilica, and had the most AMAZING Gelato
4th Stop: Rome, Italy for 2 days
We stayed with an Italian couple in Rome who made us dinner both nights, saw amazing sights and had amazing weather
5th Stop: Pisa, Italy 1 day
A beautiful train ride to Pisa, seeing the leaning tower, and renting a scooter to go to the coast!
The Vatican CityItaly
Last stop: USA!!!
We had such an amazing time in Europe and saw so many amazing places! We can't believe that our European Adventure is really over. Time flies when your havin fun:) Hope you enjoyed our adventures because we sure enjoyed sharing them!!