Friday, March 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye...and Hello!!

What an AMAZING Experience Eric and I have had!! We have lived in Belgium for 3 months and today is our last day of work!! It is a bittersweet time for us. We have loved every minute here, seen amazing place, met amazing people, and have had an amazing time but we are ready to be done with work!

Being with each other 24/7 & becoming a stronger team. Living in this wonderful country and being able to see amazing buildings like the Grand Place!!

Traveling Europe, seeing amazing countries, and experiencing new cultures. By the end of our time here we will have gone to 9 countries and alot of different places in Belgium. We will for sure miss the AMAZING shopping. I will miss riding on the public transportation with Eric in our favorite spot trying to figure out how to get around...and the Muslims that are EVERYWHERE!!

Most of all....Our wonderful Obelis Team!!

We have met so many amazing fun people that we will truly miss

Eating lunch with Ivan, Brigham, Ashley, Shayly, Eric, Lance, Paulina, and Tarun:(
And our wonderful boss Doram...and Gideon


OUR FAMILIES!!! We are most excited to see and hug our families. They have been so supportive of us! One thing we looked forward to was being able to skype with them and now we get to actually hug them!! We are so so so so excited for that:)

I never thought I would say I was excited for: Wal-Mart...but I am. The stores close so early here and you never can find what you want. Wal-Mart has EVERYTHING!! FREE Public restrooms. Everyone to be speaking English around me and being able to read what you are buying!!

Having a drink that you don't have to save because it is big enough and has FREE refill. Being able to drink tap water and getting FREE water at a restaurant. Not having to rely on public transportation (Which went on strike 3 times..) and not having to walk so much haha!!
I have learned so much on this adventure and I am so grateful we had this opportunity to live abroad! Just in 3 months we have done, learned, and experienced so many great things that have helped us become better individually and together as a team.
We are traveling for the next 10 days!! We will be in Berlin, Germany..Athens, Greece..Rome, Italy..Pisa, Italy..Brussels, Belgium..Utah/Idaho, USA!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Hague Netherlands Temple & a scary story...

I was lucky enough to go to the Hague Netherlands Temple on Saturday morning with a few people in our ward. Eric was in Italy so he was unable to go which was sad but I could not turn down going to a temple when I got the chance.
It is a very small temple but so beautiful
It was about an hour and half away from Brussels
It was amazing to do a session where I was the one that had to wear the headphones and the language spoken by everyone was Dutch.
I have not been able to attend the temple for 4 months because there is not a Temple in Belgium. It was such an amazing experience to be able to go. I am not going to take for granted ALL the close temples in Utah!! It is so amazing what 2 hours in a temple can do for you:)
A Holland Windmill!!
Translation: "The Cuttie"
**Scary Story**
As you know Eric was gone for 4 days in Italy and I had to get around by myself. I have never felt scared here in Brussels until he was gone. An American girl with blonde hair all by herself is forsure a target...So on Saturday morning I was meeting a guy in our ward in front of a hotel pretty close to my house at 6:50 am. I got there and was just waiting outside kinda close to the curb and a car pulls up. At first I thought it was my ride but it wasn't so I started getting closer to the hotel away from the street. There was 3 Moroccan men in the car smoking and they started saying stuff to me in French out their window. I just ignored them and looked away hoping they would just leave. The kept saying stuff and finally the man in the back seat got out of his car and came pretty close to me and kept saying stuff to me in French.. I finally said "I don't understand you" and he said "Oh you speak English? Where are you going?" I said, "My friend is picking me up" and he said "Oh, well you can just come with us...?" "NO, my friend is picking me up!" "But really, you can just come with us!" At this point I was so scared and firmly said "Please GO!" He just stared at me like "are you don't want to come with us??" then he walked back to his car, waited to see if I was serious and then left.. It was seriously so scary. I am so lucky nothing happened to me because it was so early in the morning and no one was really around I could have been taken:( The whole time I was thinking in my head, "Nothing is going to happen to me..I am going to the temple" Do I really look like a prostitute?? Cause I think those guys thought I was one:(
As you can see..I was VERY excited for Eric to come home!! I never realized how much he really does protect me but ever since he has been home I have not had 1 man halla at me haha and I had a million halla at me while he was gone! Oh how I love Eric so much!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not looking forward to these next 4 days:(

This is how I am feeling today....
I woke up by myself, walked to the metro station by myself, rode the metro by myself, and walked to work by myself:(
The weather outside is depressing today:(
Looking up at a EMPTY seat is depressing:(
And then I get to work and I have this cute little note on my desk from my cute husband!
Eric left to Italy for work this morning and he will be back on Sunday night...4 days:( I am with Eric 24/7 and I feel so weird without him by myside all the time. I have never felt scared here in Brussels and now that Eric is gone I feel so scared to be outside by myself. This weekend will consist of going to work, going home, skyping with my friends and family, watching movies, reading, relaxing, maybe a little shopping, but mostly staying in my apt. I am glad that Eric doesn't leave me that often because I think I may really become depressed. I love being with my best friend 24/7!! I am just going to remind myself that this is a relaxing "me" weekend and be happy!! haha wish me luck:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful Weekend With Our Wonderful Friends!

Eric and I were so excited for our friends to come visit us in Brussels. We planned the meals, sleeping situations, and how we were going to show them how COOL Brussels is!! We started the day off with picking them up from the train station with homemade signs...
ps..Look at Eric's cute facial hair..what a man:)
It was so fun to wait at the train station and look for them to get off the train and then hold the signs in the air for them to see. They said that she has always wanted someone to pick her up from the airport/trainstation with a sign!!
We then went back to our place and we had meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatos, baggetts, chips, juice, and chocolate all laid out for them to eat!! After they rested a little we went out on the town. It was the most BEAUTIFUL weekend we have had here the whole time so we took advantage of that by walking everywhere and just being outside.
The Girls!! Love them:)
My handsome husband in front of the Atomium
Eric being Eric:)
Then we went out for a nice night in Brussels. They LOVED the food in Brussels. Waffles, Fries, Fry/Burger, Chocolate, Candy, and Waffles!!
Eric Manneken Pis haha
We had a fun night that is for sure!!
Trevor and Jess left Sunday morning:(
We heard that if you go to Belgium you HAVE to go to Brugge so we went for a nice Sunday activity!!
They say it is the Venice of the North
We decided to rent bikes!! It was so fun to change it up a bit and let our feet rest. I felt like a little kid again!! I have not been on a bike for ages
The random mini-house??
If Niki and I were not here...I don't know what would happen..haha they are just such good friends haha BFF's that's for sure!! We felt like we were in the olden days...and we loved EVERY minute of it!! A cute little Flemish town:)

Love her!!
Love him!!
What an AMAZING weekend. We are so happy that we really had our friends from the states come and visit us in Belgium!! What great friends we have! It does help that we live in a sweet place but still:) We love them and will miss them alot. Thanks guys for making our 2nd to last weekend in Belgium so much fun!! LOVE YOU Chez, Niki, Jess, and Trevor!!