Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We went to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a little weekend getaway!! We hopped on the train on Saturday morning and came back home on Sunday afternoon. Amsterdam is beautiful and we had a wonderful time visiting.

Gotta get a pic inside the wooden shoe!

The beautiful cobblestone streets
Just look at how beautiful the buildings are
There is a canal every block...AMAZING!!
And the beautiful swans..
Guess what building that is.....?? Yeah..the shopping mall. How would you like to go there to shop? So cool!!
Cute Eric
Everyone and their GRANDPA rides their bikes. haha seriously the funniest thing ever. Imagine your grandma and grandpa riding a bike everywhere they go?? Or even your parents.... (exception...Brian and Julee:))
The Ann Frank Huis
Such an amazing experience. She stayed in hiding in the top of where her father worked for 2 years. There was even some of the same pictures and wallpaper from when she was there. There was a special feeling inside that house.
Anne and I
Beautiful view
hahahah...Like I said..Everyone and their grandpa rides their bikes. This looked like it was the "long-term" parking for your bikes at the train station!!!

Hope all is well!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day in the Life of Eric and Shayly in Brussels!!

So I found an Elementary School to help out at so that I had something to do while Eric was at work. I went there one day and thought it was very interesting to see how they teach but they only have 8 kids in the class and there was really nothing for me to do. The whole day I was thinking...there is no way I can do this for 3 months. So...Eric comes home from his first day at Obelis and asked me how my day was and I said, "How about you start first,"(with a kinda sad face). So then he said, "Not so good? So you wouldn't mind if you didn't go back? Well, my boss said that there is a position open for you! And it's paid!!" So I go to work everyday with Eric and now we are bringing in the EUROS!!
We walk 5 minutes to the metro at 8:30 am....
Then after 20 minutes on the metro we walk 2 minutes to work...
Go to our desks....
Eric is in the other room but we can see each other and make cute faces at each other all day:)
Then at 6 p.m. (18:00) we walk 2 minutes to the metro to go home...
Then if it is smelling really good...we stop at this little shop and get...
YUMMY waffels!!

We love work, love the people we work with, love being with each other literally 24/7, love seeing something new everyday, love the waffels and chocolate and sweets, and just love being here in Brussels!!

Monday, January 17, 2011








Eric and I got a WONDERFUL treat this morning at work!! So here in Belgium...they don't have like any American food..well very little. But they DON'T have very good cereal, no skim milk (they don't even put their milk in the fridge?? haha just in boxes on the shelf), no rootbeer and alot more. So we are getting used to the food here just using what they have but we have especially been dying without RANCH...We put it on everything.....and we need it so bad. Our friends know someone that works for Nato which has an American grocery store there and they have American food. So this morning he brought us Lucky Charms, Skim Milk......and RANCH!!! We were so happy when we he gave it to us. And ranch has never tasted better!! haha Take advantage of American food!! haha except the fact that we have the best Belgium Waffels EVER!!! Don't get me wrong..we are eating great's just not American good haha!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barcelona, Spain!!

We had been in Brussels for about 1 week and were excited to start our traveling. We decided to go to somewhere a little warmer. So we decided to go to Barcelona, Spain, which was in the 60's (We were LOVING it!!) The night before Eric and I were so excited to go so we could not sleep. We finally get to sleep and Eric wakes up thinking it is 5 minutes till we need to wake up and I wake up to Eric saying "We missed it. We slept in...But we can still make it!! Hurry!!" I was so confused...We had slept in 2 extra hours. To make a long story short...We woke up, got dressed, grabbed our bags, and ran to the train station in 9 walk to the train station it takes 10 or so minutes..we were haulin. We get on the train 1 hour after we were supposed to and were just crossing our fingers we would make it to our flight...We made a sweaty, exciting, crazy, adventureous morning and way to start our trip:)
Hats, no make-up, looking nasty haha getting on our flight
We decided to do a bus tour around town and we loved it!!
Very amazing building. The Sagrada Familia. Took 40 years to build.
The picture doesn't do it justice.
Some cool buildings
All of Barcelona. Amazing view. You can see Sagrada Familia and see how huge it is.
The Guell Park
Beautiful park!!
La Pedrera
We needed to try some Spanish food so we got some yummy tapas!! And the lady asked us if we wanted a medium coke...and they never have mediums so we said our bill....each coke was $ free refills haha..We were shocked. But just laughed it of!!

What a wonderful way to start off our travels. We had such a great time in Barcelona and learned alot of things about traveling!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our European Apartment

Here is the walk through of our sweet apt!! It is in the center of Brussels and we are loving it so much. Our place is finally feeling like our home.
Here is our door you come in from the streets. We do a code for the first door to open and use a key for the second door we open and another key for our door. We feel pretty safe!!
Then we walk up three flights of stairs that look like this!!
We unlock the door and this is what we see. An orange wall with places for our coats and a mirror. (I love the orange wall!!)
Then you turn to the left and you see our cute little kitchen.
Then you turn and see our couch and TV.
Then you start walking down the hallway and this is what we see out our window.
Then there is our bathroom on the left.

Then our closet...cubby area.
Then in the same room is our study.

Then we walk up these steep steps that go left right left right to get to our bed up on the loft!
Then there is our bed with two skylights, a tv (one channel in English), and two night stands.
Then the view from our bedroom

It is a fun little place that we really enjoy. Who knows...maybe you can see it in real life?? haha

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years in Brussels!!

Happy New Year!! What a crazy amazing time we had in Brussels!! Eric and I slept in till 5 (still trying to get adjusted..I think we are finally on track), went to the Grand Place and watched a light show, went to dinner in a cute French resturant, saw A MILLION people, everyone being crazy and yelling in the New Year, and had a New Years kiss!!

So pretty with all the lights!
All of the people bringing in the New Year with yelling, being weird, letting off fireworks, and popping the cork on the champagne. This was a new sight to see and I LOVE watching people so this was the perfect place for me to be haha. I don't think I saw anyone kiss though...I wonder if they don't do that here ha ha..I don't know!! We still did, that's for sure!!
This is what we hear on an average...probably every 25 minutes...But sometimes it is seriously every 5 minutes...Most annoying sound ever..and I also thought it was interesting that many police officers drive vans...haha
We got engaged in Arizona last New Years Eve, so Eric decided to take me to Belgium for our one year engagement and we celebrated by going to dinner and partying it up!! (How will he top this next year:))
In the cute resturant
Luckily our food turned out great!! We ordered the two things on the menu that we could read and knew what it was haha. It was a cute French resturant and it was way fun.
So cool! Our last name is a main street we go on everyday. We asked Erics dad why this one doesn't have an 's' in the middle and he said they picked it up in Normandy...So glad they did ha ha now everyone says our name Lev-es-que!!! but without the 's' people would get it right by saying L' eveque haha
I couldn't decide so we bought them all!! I wish...but we had one and I have never tasted a Belgium waffle that good. It was SO tasty!
All I can say is "YUMMY"!!
The Grand Place had a SWEET light show on the front of the building.
Our first picture taken in the New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all. We love you very much. Hope this year will bring you much joy and happiness!!