Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So it is true....I ALREADY put up Christmas...I am usually one to be anti Christmas decorations and music until Thanksgiving is over BUT...I am going to Boise for Thanksgiving and then have to be out of our place by the 15th of December so I wanted to have some time with my tree and decorations!!
Our ward had a super Saturday where we made Christmas crafts and I made JOY blocks and a cute little tree!!

The top of my Christmas tree. My mom had to talk me through it on the phone:)
My wonderful mother helped me pick out some cute ornaments to decorate our tree!!! LIKE?? My visiting teacher said she has never seen a tree like makes her crave candy haha
These are my three favorite ornaments!!

So we started driving to Boise with Greg and Malissa and got about 1 hour out and it was a complete WHITEOUT!!! We could not even see an inch in front of us so we had to turn around and come back to Logan...It was so crazy so we played in the snow:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we come Belgium!!

So it is official!!! Eric and I are moving to Brussels, Belgium. This is where we will be spending January through March!!

Eric had an interview for an internship along with 90 other people. They only pick 12 people a year so 3 people every 3 months. He thought that he did a good job but didn't know if he would get it. So time goes by and we just thought he didn't get it so we kinda forgot about it. About 2 weeks ago Eric received a called from a lady let him know that he got the internship and he had 1 week to decide if he wanted to accept it. After alot of thought we decided to go for it. We are very excited. What a perfect time for an adventure. He is going to be working at a company called Obeliss and I am going to be working at The British International School of Brussels in the 5th grade. And the school and Obeliss is only a 7 minute walk away from each other. Belgium is the central spot for alot of awesome countries and we are going to travel all around!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1 Year ago today... I found the man of my dreams!!

WOW!!! How time flies when you're having fun!!! Eric and I had our first date 1 year ago today. This has been the fastest year. I have realized that when life is so good, it just flashes right before your eyes. It is so crazy that I met Eric a year ago and now we are so happily married. We have been married for 6 months...a half of a year...seriously where has the time gone?? Well, life is so great and I am so in love with Eric. He is such an amazing man and is so good to me. Life is wonderful with him by my side.

So, this is what I came home to after being with 5 and 6 year olds. Eric with a cute haircut, flowers and a sweet note. Wow, I just love him.
He is just so dang handsome!!

Happy one year of dating babe!! I love you so much and am so grateful that you are in my life!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

PARTYING IT UP ON HALLOWEEN WITH AmAzInG PEOPLE!!! Doesn't get any better than that:)

So I decided that this year for Halloween we needed to party somehow. So i decided to have a little Halloween party for our friends and their significant other to have dinner in a pumpkin, play games, eat alot of food, and have a good time. there was 7 couples that came and even two couples came all the way from Lindon:) There were some fun costumes, alot of laughing and some gagging!!!

The Party Crew
Eric and I (The princess and the frog)

Niki and Chez

(Gorilla and Tiger)

Greg and Malissa ( Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from a movie)
Mackay and Amanda (Batman and Robin)

Aaron and Mandie (Army people)

Aaron and Ginger( Golf Caddy and Golfer)
D'sean and Elise (Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit)

Let the games begin (I only got a few pictures because the games were crazy)
Mandie getting ready for her game

Go Amanda
Eric had to get that oreo from his forehead to his mouth only using his facial muscles

Chez had to dance around trying to get pingpong balls out of the tissue box

The winning team!! Go team 2 We played the bag game and minute to win it games and this is the team that won!!

Oh I just love these girls!!
The party turned out fun and it seemed like everyone had a great time. It is just so fun to have fun friends to get together and have a good time. Thanks to everyone that came and helped out with the party. Love ya all!!