Monday, October 25, 2010


I just LOVE Halloween!!! It is so fun. I started the BOO around our neighborhood and it is working really good and is so fun to see the new BOO signs in peoples windows:) Eric can not remember the last time he carved a pumpkin....SAD huh??? So we carved pumkins with our friends Chez and Niki. There is more to come on this spooky holiday!!
Our Scary Faces

Chez and Niki

What pumkin is better??? I know what you are thinking...the haunted house:) I did that one haha and Eric did the scary man!!

Our little gang
Creepy...Look at CHEZ!!!

Chez made some WONDERFUL pumpkin seeds!!! The best I have ever had, he seasoned those bad boys up real good!!

Eric and I at the Aggie Homecoming football game...7-45 haha ya...and it was freezing and down pour we left before half time haha GO AGGIES!!!

Look how cute Chez is...He went on his misson to Korea and has a cute little tea table and ALOT of good tea, so he invited us over for some tea the Korean way. It was so fun and we loved it. He was all dressed up and he even greated us at the door with I don't know if it has a name but with a bow with his hands together like a prayer haha so fun!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Usually for Fall Break/UEA we go to Lake P0well but this year we were unable to so we were trying to figure out what we should do instead. We have not been to Lagoon for a long time so my mom decided it was time to go. So my dad, mom, cade, brynn and I went. (Eric was being a responsible boy and had a huge honors paper that he had to do so he could not come to Lagoon...I would have been irresponsible and gone haha).
Cute huh?? Our halloween costumesThe Rocket!!
Our favorite...The Samari Dad and Brynn Brynn
The kids on the haunted house

Log ride=wet and not fun haha but it was fun to be crammed into that little log

Brynny and Cadeo

Cowboy and Cowgirl
Brynn, Me, and some witches

We tried to get cade to do what we were doing...almost there haha
What a wonderful way to spend Fall Break. I love my family so much and am so grateful for them. It was so fun and brought back so many great memories.


Can anyone say GIRLS NIGHT?? I have not seen my Lindon Friends since I got married...Which is 5 months ago...WAY TOO LONG!! So I decided it was time to take a trip down to Lindon for the night to hang out with these fun girls. I love them so much. They are such wonderful friends and I am so blessed to have them in my life. We don't see each other for a long time and everytime we get back together it is like we were never apart. We have so much fun and laugh so hard.
Amanda, Mandie, Brooke, Me, Kryshelle
YEAH...I don't think we will ever grow up!! But we have fun so that is all that matters

Trying to get a jumping picture...didn't really work....After we tried many times we were sweating bad haha
YUP!! Giant Shayly right there
G-O LETS GO!! haha we love cheer haha ya we are losers

Pyramid time
WOW!! What a wonderful night. Dinner, talking, laughing, talking, playing, talking...couldn't have been any better. Miss and love these girls so much