Monday, September 27, 2010

What an eventful month!!

WOW!! School has started and life is so crazy but we have still made time to relax and have a good time. This weekend Eric's uncle got us tickets to the Boise State vs Oregon State football game and we were on the first row in the south end zone. It was so fun and very intense. Boise fans are very into it which makes it fun and exciting. Since they are so crazy we thought we better fit in my getting decked out. We got some shirts and stickers to go under our eyes!! It was so much fun. We also got to spend time with the fam so we killed two birds with one stone:)

Hard core fans!! I have never seen this many people so hard core about a team. There was more than one boise state vans. So many tents, motor homes, people going crazy with so much was intense.
First day of school!! I made Eric take a picture of how cute he was on the first day:)
Since we live in Logan Utah, you have to take advantage of the warm days because before ya know is FREEZING!!! So we decided to drive to Bear Lake for the day just to relax on the beach in the warm sun.

When we went to Bear Lake with my fam, Eric saw this pizza place and wanted to go so bad so we decided this time we would go try it out. We also got yummy raspberry shakes:)

We had only been in school for one week and we were already ready for a break...So we come!!

Road trip with our friends Chez &Niki and Trevor & Jess

VIP tickets to the variety show. It was so funny, especially when Chez got called up to go on stage, we were laughing so hard!!
Yummy buffet!!

Not a big deal...just hanging out with my friend Jake from the bachelor and bachelorette:) haha so funny, we were walking in a casino and Eric spotted him with three girls so we hunted him down and Eric asked, "Hey, can my wife take a picture with you?" haha
We have been having so much fun and we love it so much. We have amazing friends and family. Next...LINDON, it feels like forever since we have been there so next week we will be partying it up in L Town!!! Love you all