Sunday, August 29, 2010

They are not messin around

So we moved into our place here in Logan about two and half weeks ago and we go to church for the first time and the bishop comes and talks to us and everyone is so nice and we are so happy to be in this ward. Next thing you know, Eric gets a call from the bishop...asking us to speak in church next sunday... we had only gone to church one week and we were speaking the next week. At first I said NO!! but then I thought, we are going to have to speak sooner or later so might as well get it over with. So we spoke on fasting and it turned out great. Also my family surprised us by coming up to listen. I had NO idea they were coming up. It took them a while to find the right church and right chapel but they did it. They came to our place, my mom brought up dinner, and we played games. It was a wonderful sunday and we now have our speaking under our belt:)
Here are a few random pics from the last couple weeks
When we were in Lindon we went boating on AMAZING water!!
This is like Erics 3rd time going and he is already so good
So...we set up our washer and dryer and started doing some laundery. We close the door and go back in a little while later and it is SO hot in there. There is water on everything because of the heat. We have no idea what was wrong so we had to get the tube fixed then it still didn't really dry our clothes. So Eric goes out to the vent and found so much lint stuck in was nasty but now our clothes dry perfectly.
Not a big deal..Just got done with dinner putting our place mats away and I opened up the cupboard to our little friend chillin there. EWWWW!!

These are our friends D'sean and Elise..and they are a blast. We floated down a river in Idaho and it was so much fun.

A WONDERFUL way to end the summer!!

It is so crazy that we are starting school tomorrow. We are very excited and also very sad that summer is ending and real life starts. We were trying to think of something fun to do on the last night of summer and we TOTALLY found the funnest thing ever!! Our Friends that live across from us, Chez and Niki and us decided to go up the canyon and have a bonfire with tinfoil dinners.


Seriously it was the best food ever. It turned out perfect

Eric and Chez going in the woods cutting down the wood with their bare hands to make our fire better.

Corn over the fire...YUM!!

Niki and I

Chez and Niki with the strawberry shortcake treats


The whipcream game...

This is how it ended:)

The whole night all of us were just saying how wonderful this was. Amazing food, amazing fire, amazing night, amazing people. This night could not have been any better. We are so grateful for our friends Chez and Niki and we are so excited to make more wonderful memories with them!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I really am now a reading girl!!

So....I got married to a man that loves to read. I always wished that I loved reading but everytime I would read I would start thinking of better things that I could be doing like playing outside, eating, pretty much anything was better than reading. So Eric and I sat down and made a goal of reading this summer. My goal was to read 3 books this summer and I pretty much did it. So we went out and bought a book that I would be able to start like reading. Lets just say...I could not put down this book.
This book is called Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult and it is an amazing book. Since I am becoming a teacher, it really opened my eyes to what is going on in the schools between kids.
I just finished this book that my mom gave me called The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evens and also was a very fun easy read that I could not put down the book.

I also read the whole praxis book, which was the book to prepare myself to take the praxis test so I count it as one of my books. I am starting to read Hunger Games right now and I am so excited that I love to read because whenever someone would talk about how they love this book I would always wish that I loved to read but just didn't. Well, I do now thanks to my wonderful husband!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We are now in Logan!!!


We are finally in our own place!! We are very excited, it has been a long week but we are finally all moved in to our wonderful place in Logan and it is so fun. Here is all the pictures of our place, so it will feel like you are really there with us:) One day you should make it to Logan and visit us. The decorations and set up is not compelety done but it is pretty close. Downstairs: Kitchen, half bath, laundry room, living room. Upstairs: Bedroom, bathroom, study.

Penske Truck

Eric drove this from Boise to Logan to Lindon back to Logan

Welcome to our home:) Eric let me buy this cute mat!!

Apt #2

This is what ya have to do when you have NO FOOD!! But we are stocked now:)


Living Room

Needs more decorations and pillows but we are working on it
This is not our T.V. But Eric loves the T.V we got. He searched to find the best one and it will be with us as soon as UPS delivers it:)

The Bedroom

My mom made this for us!! We love it!!The upstairs hall

Our bathroom

The studyEric is making this an inspiration room:) Along with his Russian things!!

So this is our little place:) We love it so much and are happy the way it is turning out. My Mom, Dad, and Brynn came up to help us set up and put together things. We could have not done it with out them. We love them very much. The pictures don't do it justice....which means come and visit!! Love you all

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Babysitting Charlie

So Jordan Lee's aunt lives in Meridian and needed a babysitter from 8-5 on monday. I have work from 8-5...Working in an office or playing with a cute baby all day??? hmmm hard choice, NOT!!! I am so happy that I got to spend time with him, he is so dang cute and the best baby I have ever taken care of before. He did not cry once and was just so happy and cute the whole day.

After nap time I gave him a bath, he was lovin it

And then I did his hair..I love babies with long curly hair:)

Then we wend on a walk

And as you can see...he was loving his swing

He is so dang cute and was so fun to hang out with. He made me laugh so much. He loves to dance and loves his tractor. Whenever he talks it is so dang cute. He loves to say "Tractor or Tree" and he copies pretty much everything you say!! Lets just say, it was a fun Monday


We go to Bear Lake every year as a family and we invite my moms side of the family to come and join in on the fun. This year was the most people we have ever had there. I think there was 41 of us. So it was a PARTAY. There was the Howes, Packhams, Seguras, Brian and Julee, Ken and Kris, Kayla and Taylor, Karen and Daniel, Grandma and us!! It was a party. We ate wonderful food, woke up early to get the nice water, played on the beach, and played games.

The biggest family there with the smallest trailer:) What can I say...we like to be close!!

Kayla, me, Allie, and Brynn on the boat

My dad trying to get Eric took him a while

Girl Power

A Levesque Sandwich:)

My hubby and I

We had such a wonderful time and are so blessed to have such a wonderful family that is so dang fun. Hopefully one year we will be able to get EVERYONE there:)