Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yummy Zucchini Boats!!

The other day we were in the backyard and Roger has a little garden out there with yummy vegitables. Eric and I saw 2 big zucchinis and had to make something with it. So on Eric's Iphone he has an app that is so sweet with recipes and we put in zucchini and zucchini boats is one of the recipes that came up and we were so excited to make them. And let me tell you....they were so fun to make, so easy, and tasted AMAZING. You have got to try it. It is really fun and one zucchini will fill 2 people:)

Zucchini Boats Recipe

2 medium zucchini
crutons crushed or bread crums
bacon bits
minced black olives
jalapeno peper minced
diced green chile peppers
minced onion
chopped tomato
shredded cheddar cheese
salt and pepper
dried basil
1: Boil zucchini for about 5 minutes then cut in half lenghwise and scoop out the pulp about 1/4 inch from the skin. Chop pulp.
2:In a bowl mix all the ingredents with the zucchini pulp and then stuff the 4 zucchini boats. then add the dried basil on top.
3: Cook in oven for about 20 minutes, Bake: 350
This seriously is so easy, very fun, and tasty. You can honestly put whatever you want in the boat just chop it up small and it will taste so yummy. We just kind of eyeballed how much to put in. It was usually about half a onion, half a pepper. We also put in a green bell pepper and it was tasty. We loved what we put in ours:) good luck!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

You have got to try this!!


So, when I worked at Baskin Robins in High School I fell in love with the pistachio almond ice cream. I had never tried it before because it didn't look that good. But since I worked there I tried every single kind and that was my fav. So tonight, Eric asks me if I want him to make me some pistachio pudding...I was like "What the heck...I have never heard of that" And he was so excited to make it because he loved it as a child. So yes...It is very Yummy and thought I would let ya know so you could try it out and experience the tasty treat yourself!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Yippy!! I'm married, so I can finally get one!!

So ya...I have been told that I am weird...But I have been wanting one of these cute watches for probably 2 years now, but for some reason I felt like you can't get one of these watches until you are married. So I got married, so I could get this watch haha just kidding!! But I felt that way because I thought it was a grown up watch and I was still a little girl. But guess what?? Im a big girl now:) I am married and have a cute watch. All I need to do now is learn how to tell time:)

I wanted one that I could wear with EVERYTHING so when I went to the store they didn't have any plain ones that I liked so I decided to make one. Very easy, fun, and you can make it the way you want it. I love it so much and find myself checking the time or asking what time it is all the time. Can't wait to get more fun colors!!

So Eric has been dying to get his Iphone4 and if finally came and he is one happy boy:)

Yup, everytime I look up this is what I see. Eric addicted to his phone:)

Yippy for our new presents:)

Livin it up in Boise Idaho

We are having a great time here in Boise. Working on the weekdays and Partying on the weekends!! So on Friday night we went and bought all the ingrediants to make california rolls. John, Eric's brother, went on his mission to Japan and is really good at making them so he knew the "real" things you need to get and how to make it. So he taught us how to make it and it was seriously so delisious.
I love in the rolls I made, I put ALOT in them, YUMMY!!
Eric and John
I made that and Eric cut it!! Team work right there baby haha:)
Cute Angie
They had sweet dishes and all the right things to make the night amazing
Eric found this at the store and HAD to buy it. I is a soda drink in Russian haha and he was saying that it had funny things written all over it about this guy?? haha
For Eric's birthday his grandparents gave him this cute little picnic basket so since it was like 100 degrees on Saturday, we decided to go to Lucky Peak about 40 minutes which is a man made sandy beach to swim and have a little picnic.
Conner just turned 2 so he had a little blues clues birthday party, so dang cute!!

We are having so much fun in Boise and it is so fun to spend so much time with Eric's wonderful family. It is so fun to be with Eric 24/7:) Honestly I don't think that many people get to be with their husband that much so I am one lucky girl and I am trying to take it all in because pretty soon real life starts and we are back in Logan really on our own. We are really looking forward to it and ready to be a real, living on your own, married couple. I also love and miss my family very much and can't wait to go to Bear Lake in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Look what I made!! We had a little BBQ with the Levesque's and I wanted to make the dessert. I have never made it before but thought I would give it a try. I made an American Flag fruit pizza with blueberries, strawberries, and bananas!! And guess what??? I turned out so yummy and so dang cute. Eric was a cutie pie and helped me cut the fruit and he just loved it so much and was so happy that his wife can cook!! haha YIPPY...Well...I just was taught by my mom to have confidence when you are cooking, have good recipes, and you will be a good cook. Thus far, I have succeeded!!

Look..I wore red, white, and blue haha. Red shirt with white and blue shoes!! I'm so patriotic
Happy 4th of July

Eric went to ALASKA!!! I went to Utah!!

So this is the first time that Eric and I had been away from each other since we got married. We both had a great vacation but missed each other so much and are so happy to be back together in Boise, Idaho:) Eric went to Alaska with his dad, uncle, and brother to go fishing and they had a blast.

Roger, Andrew, John, and Eric so excited to leave!!
Unfortunately Eric's camera is too high in pixels or something and won't let me upload his pictures. He had a blast and caught alot of fish. Let's just say we know what we will be eating for the next year or so haha. He saw bald eagles, moose, and bear really close to them. Like he could almost touch them. He said Alaska was beautiful and so natural with green everywhere. They stayed on this island in a nice cabin and pretty much had the time of their lives.

Eric left for Alaska on Saturday morning and I didn't leave until Tuesday because I drove down with Jordan Lee and her grandparents and that is when they were leaving and then I flew back on Sunday July 4th!!

So after the boys left Cindy and I babysat conner for the day, night, and next day. We decided to take him to his first movie. He was so cute and good. We went and saw Toy Story 3 and I thought it was so dang cute.
Jordan Lee and her sister Tara were in Boise visiting their grandparents for the week so I got to play with them alot. They came over and we had a sleep over, played mexican train and....

...had a little fun in Eric's Russian hats haha:)
Eric and I are the ALL BOY 5 year old primary teachers and Eric was gone so I taught the lesson by myself!! It went very well and luckily there was only 3 of the boys there. Think...all 5 year old little boys, they can get crazy, but Eric and I can manage them pretty dang good:) I love them and they love us. It is so fun to have a calling in the primary, I just love kids so much!!!
The next day I went over to Jordan's Grandparents house and slept over. We did this sweet wax thing to make your hands and feet smoother.
That is all the wax that we all used haha, so fun.

In the morning we drove to Utah and I surprised my mom at lunch with her sisters. Only my dad knew that I was coming down because I was surprising my mom for her birthday.

Swimming at the PG pool
On the 3rd of July we went boating with the Howes. Our boat worked wonderfully but the water was horrible. I tried to do everything but it wasn't even fun because it was so choppy. So we decided to have a little tube war with Allie, Cameron, Cade, and I. From the looks of it...Cameron and I were the best:)
My grandma is so dang cute. She was laughing so hard at us on the tube!! What a cutie.

I didn't take that many pictures in Utah but it was so fun to relax and spend time with my wonderful family. While I was there I went shopping, boating, swimming, played games and hung with my fam. I also had the opportunity to go through the temple with Jordan because she is going on a mission and I am so happy that I was able to do that with her. It was a very neat experience and I am so proud of her for making the choice to go on a mission. I love her very much, she is such a wonderful friend and it was so much fun spending time with her and being around her fun personality!! What a wonderful weekend but I was so ready to get back to my handsome hubby!!