Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Highlight Video!!

For those who could not make it to my wedding we have a highlight video done by Kale Fitch. This is the thing that I am so happy we spent money on...Well my parents:) Our wedding day was kind of like a blur and I was trying to take it all in but somethings you don't remember, so it is fun to see it on a video and re-live that wonderful day. This is just the highlight video, but he recored our ring ceremony and my wonderful dad singing!! Hope you enjoy.

Love you all

Here is the link to go to!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The BIG 2-3 for ERIC!!!

So this was a big fun weekend!! We had not been down to Utah since we got married and I was missing my family like crazy...especially my mom!! So we decided to head to Utah on Wednesday after work until Sunday. Eric's birthday was on Friday so we celebrated his birthday in Boise with his family on Wednesday before we left. I tried to surprise him...but he always ruins it haha. He was still happy and said "It's the thought that counts:)" haha.

He requested a chocolate cake with oreo ice cream..and he got it!! Also...we had to use all of the candles in one pack except one haha...he is getting up there.
Make a wish
Cindy helped me out by decorating the place because I was at work. What a wonderful mother-in-law!!
The whole fam there to celebrate this wonderful day
We then were in Utah and my mom made him a texas sheet cake to sing to him on his real birthday!!
While we were in Utah, it was Strawberry days. As you know we are not we decided to go all out and dress like one.
My cute Dad and Mom
The Fam there supporting Olin. When it was his turn, we are very loud and were cheering for him. Later we asked him if he heard us and he said, "Yes, right when I heard screaming, I thought, there is Natalie's family." Yup, if the Whipple side is ever together...You will know:)
My cousin Natalie's husband is a studly rodeo man, Olin. He does the steer wrestling ahah and is really good at it. And he was in the rodeo the day we went
Eric: "Hey Olin, do I look like a real cowboy? Do I fit the part? Olin: "It depends on if you are trying to impress the guys or girls" haha we laughed so hard. Not one other cowboy there had his boots on the outside of his pants. But that is why Eric was the best lookin one there:)
Cade showing us all up!!
Nothing better then being able to stand up in the middle of the lake:)
Out for a swim in the beautiful Utah Lake water!!
This is pretty much Eric's first time wake boarding and he did SO good. He got up every time and got some air:)
WOW!! It was so nice to be on the water for the first time this year.

What a wonderful weekend!! I have such an amazing husband and I am so happy that he was born 23 years ago so that he could be in my life now. He is so wonderful. This was his first birthday with me and I am so excited for the many more to come. I love him so much. Happy Birthday Babe!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

1 month!!!

Can you believe it??? We have been married for one month now. It has been such an amazing month and I have fallin in love with Eric even more. I fall in love with him more and more each day. We decided to go golfing and out to dinner in Boise at PF Changs and then go four wheeling to celebrate making it through one month haha!! Being married is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so excited for our future.

Eric's dad, Roger, goes golfing EVERYDAY... He likes to have someone golfing with him so sometimes Eric goes with him. Eric loves to golf and is pretty dang good. This time I went with them and I was the golf cart driver. I had so much fun watching them and being on the beautiful golf course.
Roger and Eric
On his first hit he hit it right to the river, it was a beautiful shot!! c
The beautiful place we drove the four wheelers around
Todd and Kellie
I have been wanting to go four wheeling for 2 weeks now but the weather has been so bad, so right when the sun came out we got the four wheelers and went to town!!

Conner..where are your teeth??

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where we are...What we are doing??

So crazy...can you believe that we have been married for almost one how time flies. So we got home from our honeymoon and moved into his parents house in Meridian Idaho. We are very lucky to be living here for the summer so that we can save up money. It is very nice because we have the whole upstairs to ourselves with a nice tv room. Just us and his parents. We are also lucky and get to work for his parents at there company called Idaho State Billing. We have just been there for two weeks and they are way behind on filling so that is what Eric and I have been doing.....

Does this look fun???
What that is is stacks of paperwork...Look at this table...This is when we were almost done. Imagine this table with stacks taller than that covering the whole table and higher stacks under the table. It took us two weeks to get it all done. Filing is hard haha...We get a district, sort through the papers and put them in their right area, hole punch them, make a folder for them, and file them in their right spot. It is hard work and VERY tiring but it is fun because Eric and I are always together.
The cabinants we put the files in!!
Eric and I sorting through one district that took us 3 hours!!!
Handsome guy doing a model show for me at work!! Yup, I am one lucky girl.
First time back to the temple. Boise, ID temple. I love the temple and am so happy that I am able to go with Eric. Also, I think it is so neat that we have so many temples in this world that are close for us to attend.
I love to cook. I am so happy that my mom is such a wonderful cook and showed me how fun it is to cook for everyone. Last sunday I made the WHOLE sunday dinner for the Levesque family. There were 12 people that came over and they loved all my food. They said that I am the winner out of all the sister-in-laws in cooking. They told Eric he is a lucky man:) YIPPY. Thanks mom!! These are just some treats I made for the BBQ and they were all gone at the end.

Eric and I are having so much fun being married. I honestly love being with him 24/7. Can't wait for the good weather to come so we can get out there and party!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We had such a wonderful time on our Mexican Rivera cruise. It was so fun to be with each other 24/7, there was so much food, good weather, beautiful places we visited, and did I mention alot of food?:) What a wonderful honeymoon, a wonderful way to start our wonderful marriage. Thanks to Cindy and Roger Levesque for giving us such a wonderful present!!
Just chillin with my new friend!!
Basketball statue and Eric on the fun deck
We had a beautiful balcony room on the 9th floor:)
In our room on the first night
Yup...That is escargot...I tried it. It was really good, until I pictured little snails on the ground ha ha

They had a honeymooners get together that we went to
Laying out at the pool:)
They had a soft served ice cream that you made yourself. So we had an ice cream cone everyday, once, twice, three times a day:)
On the top deck of the ship


In Cabo we decided to kayak to lover's beach and do some snorkeling. This was my favorite place we stopped. The water and the scenery was beautiful
On lover's beach in front of our ship

It was so fun to kayak with Eric right behind me helping me out
kayaking to lovers beach
Snorkeling on lovers beach

Eric's lovely Senorita

My new Mexi-can boyfriend!!

We were walking around town forever trying to find a good beach with good waves and this man in this crazy little golf cart looking thing pulled over and said he would take us anywhere for one dollar so we said ya and got on. Seriously...CRAZY drivers, they go so fast, turn their music up way loud, and don't speak that much English haha, that is what makes it fun!!

We decided that today was our beach day so we hit up the waves. :( Sad the pic didn't turn out that good because it was beautiful.


Boat Ride

When we were in PV we went on a zip line excursion. We took a boat ride to our army car thing to drive for 60 minutes to get to the zip lines. It was one wild ride. We were all strapped in the back and in Mexico they are crazy drivers. Ha ha that was scarier than the zip lines. The zip lines were very fun and exciting. We went on a little over 2 miles of zip line and did two repels.

So on the ship they have so many drinks and EVERYONE always has a drink except us:) haha well we had water...but everyone else had these fancy drinks so we decided that after walking around P.V. for a long time it was time to sit back and relax and get our fancy drink. So we got a yummy pina colada.
The last two days coming back to Cali were so cold and windy. It was 61 degrees and 55 mph winds. So crazy!! This is a picture of us on the top deck and those are real faces...We were getting blown away. My skirt even flew up haha. The swimming pool was a wave pool and all the chairs had to get taken down and they eventually closed that deck. We were sad not to be outside but still had a blast.
Our Last dinner on the ship