Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shower Power!!

So we have been throwing and going to showers for my friends and now it is my turn!! So my Utah County friends threw a wonderful shower for me. It was at Jordan Lees house and was decorated so dang cute.

Seriously look how cute she is!! She is a very creative fun girl that I love dearly.

So, Ya...this is a nasty picture...They asked Eric questions and recorded him asking him things about me and him. They would ask me the question and if I got it right I didn't have to put gum in my mouth, but if it was wrong I did. They were HUGE gumballs and I did pretty good but for some reason I had ALOT of gum in my mouth. Maybe because Eric said his favorite flower is a Tulip and he doesn't even know what that is or when he said my favorite part of his body was his chest..haha I like his chest but we all know that I love his little bum:) Fun cute game and I loved that everyone got to kinda get to know him!!

Me opening presents. This is the only appropriate one to put on haha because it was a lingere party!! haha

S.K.E.B.A.A.M. minus the B (Brooke) and one of the A's ( Alyssa)

Eric came to pick me up, meet everyone, and get some candy:)

Kryshelle, Mandie, Jordan L, Me, Amanda, Emily, Erica, Jenny, Jordan S, and little Navy:) Oh how I love all my friends!!
I am so grateful for the friends that I have made throughout my life, they are so good to me. They are all amazing and so happy that they are apart of my life:)