Friday, March 5, 2010

It's official...I'm a real adult...I'm 21 years old!!!

I had an AMAZING 21st birthday. I woke up to happy birthday calls and texts, went to teach 2nd grade and I gave them a birthday treat and they sang to me while I was wearing a monkey hat (which I was so sad I didn't take a pic), then I came home and had a wonderful skype date with my cute fiance and he sang me happy birthday (wish he was here to celebrate it with me but he said we are going to when he gets home and it will be wonderful so I can't wait:)), then my doorbell rang and my parents drove 2 hours to spend my birthday with me (later my mom told me she couldn't imagine not being with me on my birthday, wow amazing parents), we drove around town and I showed them my stomping grounds and they gave me all of these presents. Ya, I'm spoiled haha:) I wish I had a pic of my parents coming up but we took it on my moms camera.

Clothes, shoes, curling iron, clock, and some more clothes
My first decoration for when I get married:) Weird amazing feeling to get things like this but it was my favorite present!! The Levesque house is gonna be cute:)
So I am 21 and so I can drink...haha but I would never so we got this lemonade drink and I was acting like I was drunk...haha ya all my friends that went with me are 19 so I needed to be a good example. The waiter asked if I was gonna get a drink haha, but I told him no and just thought it was weird that I am really 21!!
My cute friends Brooke, Sarah and Joni took me out to Texas Roadhouse
When it is your birthday at Texas Roadhouse you get to get on the saddle!!So I let them joind in on the fun:)
Then they gave me my present which was a shirt and a sweater:)
Now its time to sing me happy birthday. And yup, of course I get it opera style!!
The cute yummy cake Joni made, what a good little cook. And yes the is a 2 and a 1.
Me making my wish...really just thinking about Eric:) wow I miss him.
Now blowing out the candles
So as you can see I had a very fun 21st birthday. I am very lucky to have such wonderful parents, friends, and fiance. Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yippy!! I only have one more week until Eric will finally be back in America and in my arms. I seriously can't wait. I mean look at that cute face, Who wouldn't want that face around them? haha He is so dang cute.This trip has been such a wonderful learning experience that I am so grateful that it has happened but I am so ready for him to be home. We have learned so much about each other and grown in so many ways and our love for each other has grown even more. We talk on skype pretty much everyday. I love our little skype dates. I honestly don't know if I could do this without skype. It is also so fun emailing each other back and forth. He is such an amazing person and I am so lucky that I am the one that gets to marry him. So very lucky. He is so good to me and treats me amazing. So as hard as it has been to be away from each other, we have been trying to stay busy and the time has flown. It has already almost been a month and he has taken like 300 pictures. He is very busy with school since he is doing the "Intensive" program so he can come home to me sooner, he goes around town to all the wonderful sites, and he has a couple of friends there that he hangs out with. His month has been way more exciting than mine but I have been busy as well with school and finally being in my program. Here are some pictures Eric has sent me.

These are two of his friends in his ward. Ward activity: Ice Skating. The one on the left he knew from his mission

Look how beautiful Russia is!! I seriously can't wait to go and see it for myself.
Yup, I am so in love with Eric Levesque and I can't until he is back with me. I miss him so much and I am so ready for him to be back. I was so ready after day one but had to be strong but I think a month is way long enough. I am so happy I don't have to do 4.5 months. I honestly don't think I could do it so good thing I don't.