Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm going to be a blogger!!

WOW!! Thank you so much Jordan. I love you so much. I have been wanting to make a blog but I was just going to wait until I got married because I am a big struggle when it comes to technology so good thing I have a wonderful thoughtful friend named Jordan Lee. She is the one who created this blog for me and surprised me with it. I am so very excited to start blogging about my life because it is very exciting haha. I have known Jordan since like 2nd grade and she is one of my best friends that is a real true friend that through whatever she will always be on my side. She is such a wonderful example to me and I love her dearly. So now that I have a blog...which I am very excited that it says LEVESQUE on it:), I am going to keep you all updated on my life!! Lets hope I can figure it out.

Happy Blogging Shay & Eric!

I love you Shay! Now your job is to keep this up! Then we can keep in touch and leave each other comments! Have fun :)
Love ya,